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NOTE: If your product was purchased at an authorised retailer or store (not on the official Urbanista website), please contact the store with your issue and proof of purchase for assistance on your reclamation.

Reclamation of products purchased on www.urbanista.com should be requested to Urbanista support per the one year warranty.

If you believe your product needs to be replaced under warranty, please follow these steps: 

1. Before contacting support, please first check the suggested solutions and tips provided in our Help Center. 

2. Your product may not require reclamation, but can be fixed by following helpful tips provided there like resetting a connection on your headphones, and/or checking the bluetooth device you're pairing with, etc.

3. If your issue is not fixed, then email support to open a support ticket and provide:

  • Your Urbanista online order # or copy of order confirmation
  • Urbanista model name
  • Description of your issue and why you are requesting reclamation under warranty - **please include photos or video if it helps show your issue (20 MB max file size please).

Once your request is received, the support team will review and assist you further through your support ticket.

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