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How do I reset my Tokyo earphones?

To reset your Tokyo earphones, please follow these steps:

1) Charge your Tokyo Powerbank Charging Case if it is not already charged

2) For the Tokyo earphones, turn them off by holding the logo buttons for 5 seconds -- the lights will flash red before turning off

3) When off, reset both earphones by holding down the buttons on each for at least 15 seconds. If you place them near your ears as you do this you will hear these signals:

-- during the first 3 seconds, the earphones will "power on" -- continue to hold down -- after 5 seconds, the earphones will "power off" -- continue to hold down -- after 10-15 seconds you should hear the 3 beeps to indicate each earphone is reset.

4) The lights should flash white/red/blue during these 3 beeps to visually show the earphones have reset

5) Put the earphones in the case and continue to charge the box + earphones

6) After some minutes, please remove the earphones from the charging case and they should now be ready to pair to your mobile/computer!

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