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General connection/pairing issues

If you are having connection/pairing issues with your Urbanista wireless headphones, please try these helpful tips.

Pairing issues

1) Please 'Forget'/remove the Urbanista headphones on your mobile phone (and computer if you are also connected there)

2) Charge your headphones

3) Once charged, re-pair your headphones to your device and test to see if it is working as expected

4) Please be aware that if your headphones are connected to a mobile phone and computer, it may conflict in signal. Simply turn off the bluetooth (or forget device) on either mobile phone or computer.

5) There is no driver software associated with the headphones themselves, so you'll need to make sure your mobile phone (and computer etc.) is up to date instead. This has helped many customers facing bluetooth connection troubles!

6) When answering phone calls, it could be that your call is being answered on the phone versus through the headphones. Check if Urbanista headphones are chosen when answering a call. If not, you can toggle the connection back to the headphones by selecting Urbanista headphones on your phone.

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