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How do I connect my Tokyo to my bluetooth device?

To pair your Tokyo to your bluetooth compatible device:
1) Remove both earphones from the charging case
2) They will turn on automatically - the Left earphone will pair with the Right earphone, and the Right earphone will go into pairing mode (blinking red and blue lights) to pair with the desired device.
3) Find your Urbanista Tokyo on the device list to connect, and once the Right earphone is connected, the lights will flash blue and you're now ready to enjoy your Tokyo!

Tokyo Earphones Syncing

The Tokyo earphones work like this where the right earphone is the main connection to the mobile phone/computer AND to the left earphone. The left earphone only connects to the right earphone to sync. If the left earphone is not working, it could be there's a syncing issue with it to the right earphone.

Powerbank/Charging Case

Is the charging box charged when you put away your earphones in them? If the charging box has no charge, the earphones will then remain on/drain in power. In comparison, if the charging box is charged, the earphones will be turned off and begin charging via the box. 

Once your earphones are charged, there is no risk in overcharging as the earphones will no longer draw charge from the case.

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the Tokyo Charging Case. Once charged, it will supply up to 3 full-charges to your Tokyo earphones. One single charge gives you 4 hours playback, so the case will supply a total battery time of 16 hours to your Tokyo earphones! 

The best way to store your earphones is to keep them in the Charging Case. They conveniently recharge your earphones to ensure they are ready and great for carrying them around when on the go! 

Reset Tokyo Earphones

1) Can you please make sure the charging box is fully charged? 

2) For the earphones, turn them both off.

3) When off, reset both earphones by holding down the buttons on each  for at least 10 seconds. If you place them near your ears as you do this you will hear these signals:

-- during the first 3 seconds, the earphones will "power on" -- continue to hold down -- after 10-15 seconds you should hear the 3 beeps to indicate each earphone is reset.

4) The lights should be red flashing after these 3 beeps

5) Put the earphones in the case and continue to charge the box + earphones

6) After some minutes, please remove the earphones and connect the device to the mobile/computer and check if this now works.

Tokyo - Sound on one earphone when on phone calls

If you are on a phone call and it is heard only through one earphone, this is an expected behavior for an older, previous version of Tokyo earphones. When answering a call, the sound/call will only be coming through one earbud. Once the call ends, it will revert back to both earbuds, for example like if you were listening to music. There is now a newer version of Tokyo sold on our website that has an updated functionality now so that phone calls can be heard on both earphones.

What version of Tokyo earphones do I have?

There are small aesthetic updates to know which Tokyo version you have. The latest version of the Tokyos have a raised, embossed Urbanista logo on each earphone. To compare in the previous version, the logo is flush against the earphone (printed on) and not raised at all. The charging case of the newer model has a de-bossed 'Urbanista' brand name on the cover. To compare the previous model, the charging case has a plastic cap cover where the Urbanista name is printed on.

Mobile/computer devices

- Please be aware that if your headphones are connected to a mobile phone and computer, it may conflict in signal. Simply turn off the bluetooth (or forget device) on either mobile phone or computer.

- There is no driver software associated with the headphones themselves, so you'll need to make sure your mobile phone (and computer etc.) is up to date instead. This has helped many customers facing bluetooth connection troubles.

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