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Reset guide for Stockholm (FRENCH)

If you have connection problems or that only one of your earphones is working, please follow the following steps in the video below. 

1. While the earphones sit in the case, touch and hold down on the Urbanista logos on both earphones for at least 10-15 seconds. 

2. While pressing on the logos, the lights on the earphones show these signals:
-- before pressing the logos, the lights on the earphones should be on to indicate they are charging in the case
-- now press and hold down on the Urbanista logos
-- after 10-15 seconds, the earphone lights blink 3 times to visually show the earphones have reset
3. After resetting, please remove the earphones from the charging case and they should now be ready to pair to each other and your desired device!

*You may also need to remove "Urbanista Stockholm" from your bluetooth connection list on your device to help get a fresh connection after resetting.

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