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Q: Do they float if you drop them in the water?
A: No, none of the earphones float.

Q: Can you only charge it a total of three times? and then they no longer work?
A: No, they can be charged 3 times until the battery is drained and needs to be recharged.

Q: Is it possible to use only one earbud while the other one is left in the case? Does it matter if it is left or right? 
A: Depends on which model. All current models (London, Paris, Stockholm Plus, Athens) can be used with the preferred side, older models however can only support one side.

Q: Would these earphones work with a Smart TV?
A: Yes, as long as the TV has Bluetooth, it will work fine.

Q: I lost my gofits (silicone tips), can I buy new ones? 
A: Yes, spare parts are available at our website.

Q: How can the beep between each track be disabled?
A: There is no way to de-activate this. 

Q: Can I use the headphones to my computer?
A: Yes, all Urbanista products can be used with a laptop (both MAC/PC)

Q: I lost my earbud, can I buy a new one?
A: Yes, spare parts are available at our website.

If you need more help please contact support@urbanista.com and we’ll help you further! 

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