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If you have connection problems or that only one of your earphones is working, please follow the following steps below

1. Make sure the charging case is charged and that the indicator lights are on.

2. Forget the device: 
  • Open Bluetooth settings on your device. 
  • Tap the blue "i" next to the Bluetooth Device you want to Forget.  
  • Tap Forget this Device
  • When prompted again, tap Forget Device
  • You'll know the device has been forgotten when it no longer appears under My Devices in Bluetooth settings.

3. Place the Athens earphones inside the charging case and wait for them to have both lights.

4. While the earphones sit in the case, hold right (R) and left (L) logo simultaneously for 10-15 seconds until the indicator light flash white 3 times on both earbuds. 

5. Remove the earphones from the charging case and put them close together to pair. Left and right earphones will pair automatically.  

6. Upon successful pairing, the indicator light on the left (L) earphone will stop flashing and the right (R) earphone will flash slowly.

7. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone and connect to "Urbanista Athens R".

8. Pop out Bluetooth Pairing request for connect "Urbanista Athens L" CLICK "Pair"! 

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