Urbanista Support Center

How to track your order

When your order has left our warehouse you will receive an Order Shipped Email. This email contains a tracking number and information of the shipping company used to ship your parcel. If your order has been shipped and there is not a tracking number available, it means it was shipped via a non-trackable method.

Please follow these steps to track your order

  1. Find your tracking number and shipping company in the Order Shipped Email sent to you
  1. From the list below, choose the shipping company your order was shipped by and click on the logo. This will bring you to the shipping company’s website where you will be able to track your order with its tracking number. You will be able to follow the stages of delivery and see and estimation when your order will arrive.
If you need further assistance or have any other shipping inquiries, please feel free to contact us at support@urbanista.com.