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How do I reset my Urbanista wireless earphones?

If you are unable to connect your Urbanista headphones to your device, please try these steps to reset your Urbanista headphones:

1) Please remove/'forget' your Urbanista earphones from your mobile phone's bluetooth connection list (and computer if you also are connected there, etc.)

2) Make sure your headphones are off

3) Charge the headphones

4) When off, reset the headphones by holding down the multifunction/power button for at least 10 seconds. During the first 3-5 seconds, the headphones will "power on" -- continue to hold down -- after 10-15 seconds you should see the lights flash to indicate the headphones have reset.

5) Turn the headphones off again and now continue to charge.

6) After 2 minutes (15 minutes to ensure they have good supply of charge), you should be able to simply turn them on and find them like they are fresh out the box!

7) You should be now be able to connect your headphones as usual to the mobile/computer.

Additional tips for pairing issues

 - Please be aware that if your headphones are connected to a mobile phone and computer, it may conflict in signal. Simply turn off the bluetooth (or forget device) on either mobile phone or computer. This ensures your headphones connect to the desired device that you want to use.

- There is no driver software associated with the headphones themselves, so you'll need to make sure your mobile phone (and computer etc.) is up to date instead. This has helped many customers facing bluetooth connection troubles

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